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Welcome to Discipleship Explored.

The word "disciple" means "follower" or "learner."

A disciple of Jesus isn't some kind of super-Christian. In fact, Jesus assumes that all of his followers are disciples.

Over the next eight sessions, we'll be exploring a letter written to some of the earliest Christian disciples by one of the earliest Christian leaders, Paul. He was in chains at the time, guarded day and night by a Roman soldier - and yet, as he keeps telling them, he's overflowing with joy!

We're about to discover why.

Join us on Zoom every Thursday evening at 7.30pm. See below for details on how to join. If you would like a handbook which accompanies the series, please get in touch below and we'll be glad to provide you with one.

How to connect


1. You can connect to this from either a computer or a tablet or a smart phone.
2. You don’t need to have a camera to use this, but if you do then people will be able to see you as we chat
3. If your internet or WiFi is poor in your house, you may have some teething problems, and unfortunately we cannot help with any issues like that.
4. Find yourself a place where you know you won’t be interrupted so you can benefit the most from the study.
5. If you are connecting using your computer or laptop, type the following into your internet browser
6. If you are connecting using a tablet or a smart phone then you will need to download an app called Zoom Cloud Meetings
7. Once you are in, you don’t need any user accounts or logins. Simply join a meeting with the following information : 

Meeting ID: 89992442042

Password:   5tgc56

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