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Precautions and Procedures


We welcome you all back to church fellowship and ask that you follow the guidelines to ensure we maintain a covid secure environment for everyone.

  • Please sanitize your hands on arrival.

  • Face masks must be worn if you wish to sing.

  • Only sit on seats with an x if you have a family member sitting on either side of you.

  • Communion will be severed in sealed containers by deacons wearing PPE.

  • Offering will be collected by deacons wearing PPE and must not be passed by congregation.

  • Please remain socially distant and restrain from hand shaking and embracing.

  • If you use the washrooms, please wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize the toilet before and after use.

  • Only family members should take children to the crèche and ensure the room is left sanitized.

  • If you need pray, please come forward and the elders will ensure your safety by Sanitizing their hands and not praying face to face but laying a hand on the back of you.

  • If you are displaying any of the following symptoms you should not come to church but must isolate for 7 days.

 Thank you for your co-operation.

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